The Social Bureau of New Taipei City Government held a donation ceremony

Time:2021-10-20 Author: Robert Browsing volume: 150

New Taipei City Councillor Zeng Huanjia responded to the good day love platform. The matchmaking friend Xinyuanshun Technology Group donated 450 O3 (three oxygen) disinfection devices with a market price of 900,000. The New Taipei City Government Social Director Zhang Jinli received the donation and will be donated to the small satellite. Take care of the bases and foster families after school, in order to clean and sanitize disadvantaged children after the epidemic, prevent various virus infections, so that the children can live a good life with peace of mind.

Mr. Tsang Huan-ka said that Hou Youyi has set up a big platform for good life and love, so that the private sector and government units can work together to promote a peaceful and happy life. Mr. Lin Junxiong, President of Xinyuanshun Technology Group, is a local enterprise who has invested and set up factories in the mainland. After successful career, he hopes to feed back to the society and spread love together.

Mr. Lin Junxiong, President of Xinyuanshun Technology Group, said that the sharing O3 sterilizer can decompose water molecules into highly active O3 antibacterial disinfection water, which can sterilize, disinfect, and purify the air. It is very environmentally friendly and safe to use. It is very convenient, just add tap water, it can be used after transformation, and play the function of epidemic prevention.


New Taipei City Social Director Zhang Jinli said that life is gradually loosening after the epidemic, but epidemic prevention still cannot be relaxed. Many social welfare units and foster families still need epidemic prevention materials. I am very grateful to Mr. Zeng Huanjia’s mediation and caring manufacturers for donating 450 shared oxygen disinfectors. Transfer to New Taipei City small satellite units and foster families for use.


Peng Anning, an assistant teacher of the "Love and Hope Association" on behalf of one of the recipients, said that the epidemic has indeed brought about a change in children's concept of hygiene and hygiene. The association will make good use of disinfection equipment to protect children's health. Fan Shufen, the supervisor of the New Taipei Family Support Center, also said that although the alcohol and bleach on the market can sterilize, they can still damage the skin of children if they are used too much. Thank you very much for the love of the councillors and enterprises, and the donation of the Social Affairs Bureau.